Mechanical engineering / Machine building

VPPS (Vertical Pipe Pushing System) is a system where existing and new pipes can easily be pushed (deeper) into the ground. Falcon Engineers has developed 15 identical yokes whereby each yoke can generate a pressure force of 20 tons. Through Wi-Fi the yokes communicate with each other so that the pipe, through a pre-programmed sinusoidal shape, is brought to depth in a controlled way.

Automation / Automatization

It concerns a system in which three components that have to be assembled are grouped together via different transport systems. Therafter, they are positioned via “vision”, pressed together with the aid of “pick and place”, and transported further as a whole.  


In order to carry out maintenance on oil platforms, it is useful to develop a system whereby maintenance personnel can quickly and safely reach the various levels of such a platform. A self-propelled stair tower has been developed, 55 meters high, with a construction hoist on either side and a telescoping walkway at the front.

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